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Heroes of Everyday Life – Fundacja Inicjowania Rozwoju Up Foundation

Heroes of Everyday Life

“Everyday heroines – women in the third sector”,
is a program of multidimensional appreciation and support for Pomeranian women. The activities are aimed at female leaders, activists, community workers from smaller towns and rural areas.

The aim of the project is to recognize women in their daily work and to support them in such a way that they can more effectively cooperate and interact with their organizations, local community and surroundings, among others. Village villages, municipalities, counties, local government/cultural institutions.

The project is being implemented in stages:

  1. A qualitative study revealing the situation and needs of women in the third sector operating in smaller towns and rural areas of Pomeranian Voivodeship. The results will be published in a report, which will also be the foundation for further directional actions.
  2. Provide women in the third sector with comprehensive support (power workshops, psychological support / supervision / coaching, counseling).
  3. Support NGOs with tools and strategy.
  4. Strengthen the image of women of the sector in society through the ongoing social campaign Everyday Heroes, in which their attitude will be promoted. Part of the social campaign will be a Wandering Exhibition of Everyday Heroines (in 10 locations, which will reach female residents of these localities).
  5. Release of the “Compendium of Women Leaders” planner, a tool to accompany the further development of women working in the third sector.

The benefits of implementing the project:

  • Appreciation of the daily work of Pomeranian women.
  • Direct support for women leaders, community leaders, activists.
  • Increase motivation to work, reduce stress levels and feelings of professional burnout.
  • Increased managerial competence among women operating and working in their local communities.
  • Internal strengthening of teams in terms of communication, management cooperation, financing of activities, working on own resources.
  • Drawing public attention to the undervalued role of labor in the third sector.
  • The project is coordinated by the UP Development Initiation Foundation, and the partner is the YES Association of Tri-City Women’s Action.
  • The project is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the EEA and Norwegian Funds under the Active Citizens – National Fund Program.

For more information, contact the project coordinator:

Natalia Siuda-Piotrowska


Heroines of everyday life

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