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DEVELOPMENT INITIATION FORUM - meeting of business, local government and NGOs, CSR

"The Forum is a cross-sector meeting that has been held in Pomerania for 7 years. It is a Pomeranian platform for inspiration, good practices, improvement and development of socially responsible initiatives."

Monika Hinc, Forum Initiator

CSR.WORTH(P)! - networking meetings of CSR enthusiasts

The meetings are designed to promote the idea of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. We connect leaders and organizations around worthwhile goals.

Monika Hinc, Originator of the meetings

LOCAL COOPERATION FORUMS - cross-sectoral meetings.

The Local Cooperation Forums are meetings that have been held for the past 2 years in four subregions of Pomerania. The meetings bring together local business, local government and NGO leaders. They allow the achievement of common local socio-economic goals.

Natalia Siuda-Piotrowska, Coordinator

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