We are changing, find out the details!

What has changed?

First of all, the name has been shortened, and from now on in our communications with stakeholders we will be referred to as the Up Foundation, rather than the Up Foundation Initiation Foundation (FIR Up Foundation). The full name will continue to function in formal and legal documents. We realize that the long name made it difficult to remember and at the same time was too similar to the name of our flagship event, the Development Initiation Forum (FIR), or Development Initiation Fund (also FIR)

In order to maintain communication consistency, the main address is being changed from forumdevelopment.org.pl to upfoundation.pl . The old address will still function, but it will become extinct over time.

By highlighting UP, we want to clearly emphasize our offer to NGOs, public institutions and business.

A new sign has been created that also meets this criterion. The main actor at the visual level will be just UP referring to going to a higher level, development. The old sign served us well and was recognizable, but it was not fully functional and accessible. A sign alone is not enough so we created a new key visual, a system of visual elements and visual communication standards that will help us consistently build a consistent image and increase recognition.

While working on the new image, we were guided by the idea of “simplification” and “transparency” in communication.

A new website is currently under construction, which will clearly show what we offer and what projects we carry out. The new site will also meet all accessibility criteria, so it will be friendly to people with disabilities.

We will keep you updated on what is changing.

Team Up

What has changed – Fundacja Inicjowania Rozwoju Up Foundation
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