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The purpose of the Fund is to support the best and most needed projects, implemented by NGOs, in cooperation with public institutions and business. The fund allows in partnership to affect change in local communities as well as across Pomerania. So far, the Fund’s activities have involved, among others. Polpharma S.A., LPP S.A., Farm Frites Poland, Grupa Lotos S.A., Energa S.A. How do we operate? Business donates funds in the amount of 25,000 (this is the maximum amount of the grant intended for one organization) and supports competently in the work of the Program Council. NGOs that are interested in implementing ideas participate in the grant competition. The competition has a financial but also an educational dimension. All willing organizations participate in a workshop on designing social ventures. We then help them create their first crowdfunding campaign.


We have been running a course for NGO leaders for two years. We especially encourage leaders of young organizations and/or those who are taking their first steps in running an NGO. In March/April 2019, we will start the next edition of the series.


The Development Initiation Center is a support for urban social initiates.

Among the offerings are. coworking and consulting for NGOs.

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