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UP FOUNDATION Development Initiation Foundation together with:

Strategic Partners:
Gdańska Fundacja Rozwoju Gospodarczego, Zakłady Farmaceutyczne POLPHARMA SA, LPP SA,

Sopockie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń ERGO Hestia SA, Farm Frites Poland SA, Gdańska Fundacja Kształcenia Menedżerów,

Honorary Patrons:
Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, Mayor of the City of Gdansk,
and Content Patron: 17 Goals Campaign, are pleased to announce:

The 9th edition of the Development INITIATION FUND Grant Competition.

This was the case during the 11th. Development Initiation Forum and distribution of FG FIR grants.

We bring together three worlds: NGOs, business and public institutions.

Partnership is the primary goal of the Development Initiatives Fund. Punctured into action, it allows responding to important social and economic challenges and facing problems in a more optimal and effective way. Without Partnerships, today’s world, whether local, regional or global, is doomed to many risks.

Today’s world is struggling with global challenges: loss of security, climate change, hunger versus food waste, excessive energy consumption, devastation of biodiversity and neurodiversity, intolerance or social exclusion. It is also a particularly difficult time for our part of the world due to the war in Ukraine. The future requires cooperation.

The Grant Competition is part of the 17 Goals Campaign and we are specifically looking for initiatives that will implement at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Development Initiation Fund 2023 – Fundacja Inicjowania Rozwoju Up Foundation

Our grantees and grantees on participation in the Development Initiation Fund competition:

  • “Thanks to participation in the Grant Competition, we were able to go a step further and build a beautiful workshop gazebo. We gained space, met great people and received the power of knowledge useful for the way forward. Thank you!” – Aniela Wasielkie, President of the Angel Ranch Foundation, Grantee of the 8th edition of the FG FIR.
  • “Thanks to participation in the competition, we have systematized our knowledge, had and continue to have the opportunity to learn and consult with specialists.” – Anna Mękal, President of the Navel of the World Foundation, Grantee of the 7th FG FIR.
  • “With the opportunity to implement the project, we gained hope and a sense that our dreams are real. Our goal is a home and workplace for those most excluded from the labor market and social life. The road ahead is long, but we know we are not alone.” – Jolanta Rychlik, President of the Sensitive World Foundation, Grantee of the 7th edition of FG FIR.
  • “The grant obtained from the Development Initiative Fund allowed us to develop our garden space. With the support of specialists, we were able to set up a plan that will enable us to increase our vegetable harvest for the Sowemy Ferment processing plant.” – Wojciech Zak, President of Your Role Foundation, Grantee of the 7th edition of the FG FIR.
  • “The fund has allowed our dreams to come true twice! We tested our idea of a social enterprise called Tczew Bicycle Couriers – we bought our first bicycle – today we have many more, and we hired our first employees – since then we have managed to hire dozens of people! The second dream is a community garden, which we launched this year – now it’s a magical, green place for residents and residents to meet, discuss, play and relax.” – Paulina Kremer, Board Member of the To i Co Foundation, Grantee of the 7th FG FIR.
  • “Thanks to the training program and the FIR Grant, we gained a broader view of the potential for further development of our young organization. Meetings and training of specialists have equipped us with new skills and competencies, we have expanded the circle of great people around us, and we have established new partnerships. The grant allowed us to carry out a task related to pro-environmental issues, so important to the philosophy of our Foundation. The Foundation’s educational program has found a new and wide audience. Thanks to the implementation of the Project from the FIR Grant, we learned about the potential of good partnerships, it opened a new perspective direction for us in the development of the Green Me idea.” Olena Ulianova, President of the KIWI Foundation, Grantee of the 8th edition of FG FIR
  • “Participation in the competition in addition to knowledge, gave us a sense of belonging and relationality, which in the post-pandemic era, we are so lacking. Meeting with experts, with people who, in defiance of today’s “bullshit,” are fighting with great passion for their dreams. As the old Japanese proverb says: Separately we are like fingers, together we are a fist. Thank you for being able to be part of this story.”, Lucyna Mach, Manager of Brzostek Top Team, Grantee of the 8th FG FIR.
  • „FG FIR = wyjście ze strefy komfortu, by móc się rozwijać,, realizując pomysły, które służą innym, a właśnie pomaganie innym daje mi najwięcej radości i satysfakcji”, Natalia Sielska, Liderka projektu Wodonerzy. Guardians of Water and Inner Nature, Grantee 8. FG FIR edition.

Jubilee videoX Development Initiation Forum

9th edition of the Development Initiative Fund.

W 9. edition of the Development Initiative Fund grant competition, grants were awarded to:

PLN 25,000 was awarded to the project: Creative Laboratory of Ecological Techniques Under the Cloud

Whose leader is: KIWI Foundation Creativity Initiative Multiculturalism Integration

Project partners:

  • District and Municipal Public Library in Pruszcz Gdański,
  • Wholesale Jola Jolanta Kulesza,
  • The No. 3 elementary school named after him. Jan Matejko in Pruszcz Gdański.

PLN 25,000 was awarded to the project: Green Community Garden in Blunaki

Whose leader is: Nadwiślańska Fundacja Rozwoju

Project partners:

  • Gmina Dzierzgoń,
  • Słoneczne Wzgórza Jadwiga Sołdaczuk – Agritourism Farm,
  • Lower Powisle Land Local Action Group Association.

PLN 25,000 held the project: Little Prince Park

Whose leader is: BATERIA Foundation for Social Energy and Good Practices

Project partners:

  • Gardea Community Cultural Center,
  • Jasport.

PLN 15,000 was awarded to the project: #tkamykultura – activating professionally and socially

Whose leader is: Falco Gedanense Association

Project partners:

  • The Baltic Sea Cultural Center in Gdansk,
  • Powisle College.

PLN 15,000 was awarded to the project: Joseph Conrad Available

Whose leader is: Ergo Foundation

Project partners:

  • The Provincial and Municipal Public Library named after the author. Joseph Conrad Korzeniowski in Gdansk,
  • CH Forum Gdansk,
  • The Robert Schwartz Foundation. Helen Keller.

PLN 15,000 was awarded to the project: Giving strong wings and sustainable roots.

Whose leader is: Brzostek Top Team Association

Project partners:

  • University of Gdansk,
  • TDT Kordalski Kazimierz, Transport – Road.

PLN 15,000 was awarded to the project: Wodoners from the Depths of the Interior in Accessibility.

Which leader is: Values Foundation

Project partners:

  • Dabrowa Tczew Elementary School,
  • Niva Architects Group SP. z o. o.

PLN 15,000 was awarded to the project: “Living with Wolves” campaign.

Whose leader is:Lupus Foundation Poland

Project partners:

  • The Pomeranian Rheumatology Center named after him. Dr. Jadwiga Titz-Kosko in Sopot,
  • COMTECH Ltd. Igor Slawinski.

Our sincere congratulations to the Laureate(s). We wish you good luck in implementing your projects.

We invite you to participate in the 10th anniversary event. edition of the grant competition.
Recruitment information: May/June 2024.

Do you have questions?


The coordinator of the Fund is Justyna Kowalkowska
email: kontakt@upfoundation.pl

Development Initiation Fund 2023 – Fundacja Inicjowania Rozwoju Up Foundation
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