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A sticker just in case

The sticker just in case is a small project in terms of funding (only 2,000 zlotys), but huge because of its importance. As part of the project, senior women from the Lębork-based Association for 102 prepared and distributed more than 800 life boxes and 4,500 life stickers in the Lębork district. The idea behind the boxes is simple: elderly, lonely, sick people keep a box in the refrigerator containing a card with the most important information about their health, contact to their immediate family, medication they are taking. The fact that the box is in the refrigerator is indicated by a sticker on it ( just in case). In the event that an ambulance needs to arrive, paramedics will know where to look for information about the person. Such actions can contribute to saving the lives of lonely people, which was confirmed during the project, where in fact thanks to the sticker and the life box and the information in it, an elderly lady’s life was saved. Critical to the success of the project is reaching as many elderly people as possible and the knowledge of medical services about life boxes in the homes of their potential patients. In this regard, MOPS took care of preparing social workers and the seniors themselves in terms of knowledge about life boxes, while the business partner helped with promotion and outreach by preparing cd’s with materials for self-printing (sticker, information template, poster). The Association’s challenge is to continue its efforts and reach as many people as possible who can benefit from a sticker just in case.


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