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Grasping the depths with visual impairment

Click and help visually impaired people comprehend depth!

CONCEPT THE DEAD – an innovative immersion program that has so far been and is aimed at strengthening independence, self-esteem and self-confidence in people with intellectual disabilities.

NOW would like to create a completely new version. We want to develop a special diving program for visually impaired people based on the experience of Comprehend the Deep.

The I See You Foundation, together with the Dalba Cooperative and Happy Dive, is joining forces to create opportunities for social and professional activation, to strengthen the sense of empowerment and independence among visually impaired and blind people. In the project, we are planning a pilot for a group of 12 wards of the I See You Foundation, who will be able to take a diving course together with specially trained assistants as part of the program.

In order to expand our activities and adapt to the needs of visually impaired people, we would like to prepare a VERSION of the GUIDE specifically tailored to their needs!

Transparent printing is an excellent alternative to traditional books, especially when readers are visually impaired. The textbook, which is made in convex form, allows a blind person to read the content using point braille, and a visually impaired person to read the enlarged font. The convex and contrasting engravings are readable for any person with special needs. Thanks to this solution, visually impaired people will have an equal opportunity in acquiring new knowledge, necessary for learning to dive. The manual, made in accessible transparent print form, is the basis for adapting tools and methods for teaching visually impaired people to swim.


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