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Lupus Foundation Poland

Partnership: Pomeranian Rheumatology Center, Comtech Igor Slawinski

Campaign objectives:

  • To make people with lupus aware of the importance of the role of the psyche and taking care of oneself in a chronic disease;
  • Making the public aware of what lupus is.

Campaign website: www.zyjacezwilkami.pl

About the Foundation:
The Lupus Poland Foundation was established to spread reliable knowledge about lupus and to help people with lupus and their loved ones understand:

  • How to consciously live with the disease;
  • How to take care of yourself so that lupus does not hinder your plans and dreams;
  • How important is the role of appropriate drug treatment, psychology, nutrition and physical activity.

Thanks to four exceptional women, Magdalena Misuno, Magdalena Mendycka, Magdalena Slawinskaya and Klaudia Kepa, this is possible. They know very well how people with lupus feel and what they are facing, because they themselves have lupus or have someone close to them with lupus. Despite adversity, they follow their dreams and want to help others. They have been working together since 2020 on behalf of people with lupus in NGOs and groups in Poland and Europe, and at the foundation since 2023.

The foundation focuses on helping people with lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects the immune system. We work to provide emotional support, education and organize meetings and workshops to improve the quality of life of those affected by the disease.


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