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Piotr Augustyniak Foundation “Navel of the World”

Partnership: Starogard Gdański City Hall, Starmed Spółka z o.o., "Friends of the Tri-Village" Association, Suchy Dąb Municipality Office, Stara Kiszewa Municipality

We are a foundation founded by gynecological doctor Piotr Augustyniak.

The main goal of our foundation is to facilitate women’s access to ultrasound examinations, performed by specialists, with very good equipment.

We have started a series of White Saturdays – free traveling ultrasound examinations. We visit various localities and invite ladies for free breast ultrasound, lymph node ultrasound and 4D pregnancy and prenatal ultrasound.

We are assisted by a psychologist and a midwife who support our patients when they need it most.

Why do we rely on 4D? The 4D camera allows you to see anatomical details of the fetus that are not visible during the 2D examination.

Early detection of pregnancy abnormalities or fetal defects can save mother and child

Prompt diagnosis of cancerous lesions and treatment gives a better chance of a faster and complete recovery.

The grant was used to renovate the Foundation’s stationary facility


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