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Sensitive guesthouse – architectural design concept

Our initiative is the concept of a replicable architectural design, which will be the basis for the business plan of PES “Sensitive Guesthouse” and allow us to receive a plot of land from the resources of the City of Gdansk.

We are creating the “Sensitive Guesthouse” from scratch. The financially self-sufficient, energy-efficient, cost-effective building will be equipped with modern green technologies, surrounded by green space. A home for people with intellectual disabilities to work and live in. We will use the Dragons Dreaming method of team goal development. The project team will be intergenerational, diverse and open-minded, so that young people with intellectual disabilities will have a say in what their workplace and housing should look like, so that it will be a good fit, providing maximum flexible solutions for the future. We are planning a series of consultations of the Sensitive Guesthouse community with architects supported by the foundation team.


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