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Sports field in the village of Bad Meat

No sports infrastructure existed in Bad Meat, a small village in the Chojnice district. TSO Bad Meat, together with the municipality and local entrepreneurs, decided to change that. With their joint efforts, they prepared a playground, where, first of all, children and young people, but also other villagers will have somewhere to spend their time actively. Along the way, difficulties arose, first of all, with the timing of the project, because it turned out that before anything is built, put into operation, you have to wait until….. will grow last on the field. Fortunately, everyone had enough perseverance, and today the field is used to conduct physical education classes for children from the Elementary School, and local sports and cultural events are also held there. The pitch has activated the local community. It is a place for meetings, conversations and active recreation. It is developing all the time – thanks to municipal funds, which are easier to allocate to the development of existing infrastructure.


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