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Tczew Bicycle Couriers

This is an initiative in which the Generations Foundation has established a bicycle courier cooperative in Tczew, which gives jobs to 6 young people at risk of social exclusion. What does it consist of? On delivering parcels, letters, sometimes meals on bicycles within the City of Tczew.

The project is being implemented with partners: Tczew City Hall, the Addiction Treatment Center and Skills Garden. The city’s project enables the implementation of important urban policies – sustainable transportation and revitalization of degraded areas of the city – one of the pillars of which is economic revitalization based on social entrepreneurship. For Zapowiednik Addiction Treatment Center, responsible jobs are about making the process of treatment from addiction sustainable. SkillsGarden added its experience in supporting start-ups to the process of creating a social enterprise.

Tczew Bicycle Couriers is a green social innovation combining a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly way of working with time-saving bicycle-based delivery in Tczew, and above all giving a sense of meaning and dignity to the people who have found employment in it. Difficulties? The implementers say it was great. Challenges certainly include the planned digitization of the enterprise and regulations that are not always clear. The Tczew Couriers are up and running, growing and inviting you to join them!


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