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We sow ferment

Partnership: Municipal Family Assistance Center in Gdansk, Thelikatesy sp. z o.o., FarmaSmaków spółka komandytowa.

TWO ROLA Foundation, on the premises of Rudniki in Gdansk, at ul. Sitowie, runs a large-scale vegetable and fruit garden in a natural, ecologically sensitive way that is conducive to people and the environment, as well as a small-scale breeding farm for green partridge hens. We nurture our URBAN FARM within the framework of vocational activation and horticulture of socially included people, i.e. participants of the “Sitowie Estate” project, which was subsidized with funds from the City of Gdansk.

We produce healthy, unpasteurized, live pickles full of valuable nutritional properties. We currently offer Natural Beet Sourdough, Pickled Cucumbers, Kimchi and Pickled Vegetables. Active and committed to the idea of ZERO WASTE, we want to squeeze every drop of health-promoting beet sourdough from our raw material.


A very important element is that the vegetables we use for our pickles are grown by us in a natural, ecologically sensitive, people- and environment-friendly way at Urban Farm Manufaktura Ogrody Sitowie in the area of Gdansk, Poland. This gives us a guarantee of the quality of the ingredients because the vegetables, we take care of from the preparation of the soil for sowing, sowing the seeds and then watch over the entire process of plant growth until the harvest.

And then what?

Our Urban Farm is adjacent to the processing studio where we prepare our silage. This way, in addition to ensuring that the vegetables for pickling are fresh, we dispense with ordering products from distant farms and transporting them. In this way, we can reduce the carbon footprint of the creation of our specialties to a very large extent. The crop straight from the field goes to the studio, where we further process it by subjecting it to a natural pickling process. Waste such as radish leaves and carrots, for example, are absorbed by our flock of green partridge hens, and all the rest is composted, which gives natural growth power to plants planted the following season.

By watching over and overseeing the entire process of making the product, from seed to preserves, we are assured of its quality.

By creating a line of products under the name SIEMY FERMENT, we are using the full potential of the project and our experience, co-creating and reinforcing the idea of social economy, promoting a style of healthy eating and using the products of local producers.

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