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Breaking down barriers to communication

We present the third episode in the HALO series of conversations about accessibility.

How to reduce the distance in a conversation with a person with a disability?
How do you talk to a hearing impaired person?
Why a combination of activities for youth with intellectual disabilities and seniors
is it a hit?
What is the Sensitive World Foundation’s recipe for supporting people with special needs?

Women affiliated with the Sensitive World Foundation in Gdansk sat down to talk:
Dominika Kruzicka – hearing impaired, working at the Caffe Aktywni café
Agnieszka Kasprzyk- Mączyńska – psychologist
and Senior Women Mentors:
Maria Zych
Danuta Pik Kordela
Beatrice Betlejewska

The talk was moderated by Wiktoria Biernat.
Technical support: Radio Gdańsk.

Text transcript of the podcast:

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