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Dancing in a box

Innovator: Aurora Lubos

“Dancing in a box” is a game designed to integrate people of different ages, from different backgrounds, it is supposed to bring together what is most beautiful in people – their diversity and individuality through joint movement, dance, physical activity.

The design of the “Dance in a Box” game, consisting of 50 illustrated cards with descriptions, is ready. The instructions for the game still need to be refined with expert input.
The innovator will test the cards during 10 workshops with participants and two workshops for trainers/workshop leaders.

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About the author

Aurora Lubos an independent artist associated with the Gdansk dance scene since 1997. She is the author of several socially engaged solo performances and art installations. Her work explores topics such as domestic violence, refugee crises and human rights. Her practice and creative process is based on collecting real stories and working in the field. In addition to her creative work, she conducts workshops in dance theater and improvisation with different age groups, people with different needs and varying levels of expertise. She has been an actress with the British Vincent Dance Theatre since 2000. Co-founder of the Watermelon Association, which works on behalf of people with refugee and migration experience.

What did your participation in the program give you?

First of all, the program mobilized me to clarify and refine my idea. Since a lot of questions were asked during implementation that I hadn't asked myself before, I had to find clear solutions that also helped me understand my actions more. Otherwise, it gave me the needed time and comfort, including financial, to test and test the idea. The support of program supervisor Maja Kurant, and consequently my idea, allowed me to believe in my innovation.

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