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Zamigai Culturally

Innovator: Monika Brzykca

‘Zamigize culturally’ is a ready-made training and educational service for institutions / companies / individuals who want to learn more about g/G* culture, sign languages and how to improve accessibility for hearing-impaired groups. As part of the testing, Monica conducted min. A dedicated workshop for cultural institutions from Gdansk. There was also a workshop with ASP students during which they were to develop a prototype-for example, a graphic/iconography/explainer-to visually illustrate the problem of inaccessibility for g/G.

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About the author

Monika Brzykca (born May 9, 1991) - Visual artist, graphic designer, self-advocate who is hard of hearing. Master's degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus University, majoring in art education in visual arts. She studied the science of Polish Sign Language philology. Visual arts and g/Deaf culture educator.

What did your participation in the program give you?

The Otherwise program has given me a sense of agency and the satisfaction of realizing an original idea, despite some difficulties. He reinforced my self-righteous attitude. I learned how to coordinate a project, how to do research, and how to listen carefully about pains and needs.

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