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100.re.pl – Poland’s first co-op store

100re.pl is the first cooperative store in Poland, combining the idea of social entrepreneurship with a real solution to the problem of unemployment for people with disabilities. The idea is based on the cooperation of Social Cooperatives, WTZs and NGOs with an experienced marketing and sales team and the creation of a joint offer of designer products, sold via the Internet using the sales platform 100.re.pl.

As part of the partnership, Best Awards prepared a sales strategy and handled marketing and promotion so as to reach the business customer as widely as possible. The role of the Special School Complex No. 5 is to prepare for the work of those who will find employment in the cooperative store, and to prepare wtz participants for the realized orders within 100re.pl

Setting up a store to sell products created at the occupational therapy workshops proved to be a major challenge. The cooperative, despite its knowledge of the peculiarities of the work of WTZs and other social entities in which work is performed by people with disabilities, has encountered considerable difficulties in preparing products suitable for a commercial customer (repetitive, completed on time, of appropriate quality). Despite this, we managed to create the first cooperative store in Poland – 100re.pl, which is still developing and enriching its offer all the time. We encourage you to take advantage of it!


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