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Angel Ranch Foundation

Partnership: My Adventure Foundation, Magdalena Belling - psychologist, New Przywidz Village Development Association

We started our adventure with children several years ago, when children from orphanages began to visit our place regularly. We created activities with horses under them, harvested hay together, and participated in the harvest.

It turned out that there is a larger group of children who can be taught to interact with, care for and look after animals. That’s how the Passion Ranch was created, friendly just for children.

Today this place is developing as an educational and development center. We create handicrafts together, learn acceptance and develop our empathy.

We are visited by children from nearby schools and from Tri-City schools, for whom we have specially prepared an educational path.

Day by day, we are developing and shaping the area so that we can meet expectations more and adapt the place for a larger group of people.

A foundation just for animals and children – Angel Ranch – was established at the ranch.

Together we can create a new better world – by helping those who need this help.

The Development Initiative Fund grant was used to build a workshop gazebo for children and adults. Workshops of old crafts and activities using animal support (alpacas, goats, sheep and rescued horses), is a development opportunity for the local, rural community.


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