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City garden in Tczew

Partnership: Tczew Bicycle Couriers (To i Co Foundation), Tczew City Hall and Flex Poland as well as the Association of Tczew Civic Initiatives Movement, Wild Naturalists and friends

We invite you to become part of the team of the green urban garden in Tczew! The garden is an open place – for everyone. A place where you will find vegetable beds, fruit trees, but also a space for workshops and for recreation 🙂 This is a place for you, your children, your parents or friends. We invite you to grow vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants together, to tinker and do all the garden infrastructure. We will learn how to catch rainwater, compost, protect our plants from pests, all in the spirit of – use, don’t throw away! But, but… not only work alone is man alive – besides, in our garden there will be an ecological city sauna (!), a place for a bonfire and a grazing area for relaxation among the greenery! What else – it’s up to you – help us get started and you’ll find space in the garden to implement your own ideas 🙂

Our garden will grow just like the carrots in the bed!

First, we’ll do a little work at a garden planning workshop – you can attend too! We will invite you to attend them in January! You’ll have a say in how our garden looks from the very beginning!

In the winter we will focus on relaxation and toughening up – after all, we have a busy spring ahead of us 🙂 We will launch an ecological field sauna – a tarp sewn from banners inside heated stones and a relaxing herbal scent! And then cool off in the snow! And all this in Tczew!

Before you know it spring will come and you need to roll up your sleeves! A joint workshop of making garden infrastructure awaits us – learn how to construct boxes, composters, rainwater containers, seats and super pots with us – the result of our work will be garden equipment at the same time! Then we will plant the plants – vegetables and others planned during the first workshop – into the made pots and boxes!

In spring, summer and autumn we invite you to an educational series:

  • Composting workshops – how to do it? What do we use compost for?
  • A workshop on natural plant protection methods?
  • DIY workshops – how to make garden furniture using used materials?
  • A workshop on insects? preparation of houses for insects
  • herb workshops? How to identify herbs, what can be made from them, cooking together from found herbs
  • Zero waste cooking – how to cook to avoid waste?
  • Plant-based cuisine – is it possible to survive on it?
  • Preserves – how, from what and when?
  • Silage – how from what and when?


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