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CUMY – open workshop


We are CUMY – a small but growing community of Tri-City artisans! We are creating a unique place to work – OPEN Makerspace Workshop. A place where you can come to tinker, fix a chair, assemble a robot, solder wires… We want to be open to every maker, designer, student and hobbyist! We need machines, tools, and other businesspeople 🙂 to create a cool and diverse offering and space to share experiences, orders, and tools! Work with us, help us equip ourselves!

Tired of onlin? Back to working with your hands!

CUMY depends on you – on your needs and dreams. We want to implement them all.

We have put a lot of work and money into the current appearance of the space and equipment so far. A lot remains to be done… We believe that together we will achieve our goal – a place where you want to create and where you want to return!

Visit us, we want to get to know you! Take a look at our awards and stop by for training – in bioplastics, welding or 3D printing. You’ll also find workshop passes there, come for the job!

What does Cumy give you?

You can get access (see our rewards) to 400m² of space in the heart of the Gdansk Shipyard, where you will find a carpentry studio, locksmith shop, 3D printing, biomaterials and plenty of free space for your activities! We’ve put some of our tools into common use, and we need more of them so that at CUMY we can both repair a chair or build a closet, as well as print a lost piece from a coffee maker, sew ourselves a shopping bag, or develop an innovative technology for growing a potato or inventing a new element. We don’t like to limit ourselves 🙂

CUMS are doing at the Shipyard what they should be doing – we are declaring a return to handwork and craftsmanship!

We are a group of unfamiliar craftsmen who were brought together by one dream – to create a workshop where, in a collective way, specialists from different fields can work and meet to exchange inspiration, ideas, knowledge, orders. Our goal is to unite the community of craftsmen from the Tri-City, as well as from all over Poland, and we are happy to be able to do it in such an important place for the crafts – the Shipyard.

Each of us has many passions, we are declared artisans, or we are just learning new skills. Anyone interested in the craft can be a CUMA member, enlist!


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