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Look at yourself

SPOKIE NA SIEBIE is the first body-positive campaign for young people in Poland. One in two 15-year-olds and one in three 15-year-olds in our country hate their own bodies. That’s according to the latest World Health Organization report, dated May 2020. For this reason, a campaign is being created that will make a real change in teenagers’ thinking through a series of workshops, lectures and psychological consultations.


We won’t change the whole world at once, but we will slowly and steadily build a sense of self-acceptance and self-esteem in young people. We will start by creating a body-positive space in Gdansk schools and create a series of free workshops for Tri-City youth. We will also provide access to free consultations with experienced psychologists, during which teenagers can work individually on their perception of themselves and their bodies.


  • If we raise £2,500 – we will fund a body-positive photo shoot!
  • If we raise PLN 10,000 – we will fund additional psychological consultations!
  • If we raise £17,000 – we will do a week of additional workshops for young people!

SEE 4 reasons to support us.

  1. This will not be another social advertisement shown on television. This will be a real change that will happen in the mind of a teenager.
  2. Importantly, our project will include all 14-19 year olds regardless of gender. Let’s stop pretending that this problem doesn’t affect boys!
  3. We have a precise action plan prepared, checked by specialists and ready for implementation.
  4. We have the courage, motivation and skills to start building a new body-positive youth community!


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