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Luceta community weaving workshop

This project is a dream come true. Dreams of weaving and intergenerational integration. As part of the initiative, a weaving studio has been set up where women of all ages learn traditional weaving on old traditional looms, including one dating back to 1937. The initiative is to promote regional traditions, but also to develop a sense in the project participants (especially senior women) that their skills are needed and important to the local community. Thanks to Lucet, it was possible to launch activities that integrate generations, develop pride in the achievements of ancestors and the history of Pomerania, but also to strengthen intergenerational integration. In cooperation with the Jola Wholesale Company, purchases necessary for weaving materials and needed equipment were made (the wholesaler helped in reaching manufacturers, financed part of the costs), and thanks to cooperation with GOKSiR, the Weavers’ Festival was realized.

The success of the activities is evidenced by the crowds of people willing to participate in each successive workshop organized. Today, the Nadaktywni Foundation is struggling with the need for premises to hold classes and is looking for solutions to fund the passion (such as by holding paid courses), without giving up on helping others and developing the passion, including preparing online weaving lessons.


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