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Mural in Luzin

Every year, more than a third of the total population suffers from mental disorders. The enormity of the problem is particularly acute in villages and small towns, where the phenomenon of stigmatization of the mentally ill is particularly severe. There is also a huge problem getting to a therapist, psychiatrist or psychologist. In addition, sufferers do not come forward for help for fear of “what will people/neighbors say?”.

Dare, show that you can! Choose your prizes and be part of this project!

With a mission to support the mentally ill in Luzin, the Artistic Initiative was formed. The idea has gained recognition from the Development Initiative Fund and is now seeking a grant. In order to get financial support we need the support of contributions to this collection and the creation of a unique and only mural in Luzin. As part of the project, we intend to extend specialized counseling and therapeutic support to 10 people from the Luzino Municipality who suffer from mental illness and have experienced stigma and exclusion.

Engaging in artistic work is a remedy for many of the problems of our time. Especially now, let’s not forget what is so important to all of us – mental health.

You can take part in a unique collection – the creation of a mural in solidarity with the mentally ill in Luzin.

Let’s show up boldly, let’s be part of taming the unknown and disenchanting stereotypes.

Artistic Initiative was established in Luzin thanks to passionate people and a desire for social change in one of the largest villages in Poland.


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