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Play With Your Head Foundation

Partnership: ZSO No. 2 im. Stefan Banach in Gdansk, Las Oblas Kinga Achruk

They said publicly that they suffer from depression: Ewa Urtnowska, Malgorzata Stasiak, Kinga Achruk, Marta Mazurkiewicz – this was the first step and the most important step in the activity of female handball players. Thus, they launched the “Depression – we play it” project on social media, and after a huge response from the sports community, they decided to act on a larger scale. They invited fellow dance floor member and now psychologist Agnieszka Białek to join them. Together they decided that they could only carry out their mission of helping others and making changes that would strengthen the position of Polish sports as a Foundation.

Through the project, we will give young athletes a chance to develop on a healthy basis, based on their needs, capabilities and limitations.

Our proprietary head training:

  • responds to the needs of young athletes, develops self-awareness of children and young people;
  • Builds relationships within the group;
  • Is the best prevention of depression and mental crises;
  • teaches young people what mental health is and how to take care of it;
  • Equips you with the skills to deal with a mental crisis;
  • teaches to help when someone around you is in need;
  • helps identify strengths and weaknesses

The project, in its first phase, is being conducted in the Tri-City, precisely with four groups of young players from ZSO No. 2 in Gdansk.

The mental workshop series is being implemented with funds from the FIR Grant Fund. In the future, the Foundation plans to implement the project nationwide.


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